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Proprietary high resolution nanofabrication process enabling quantum biology


Filter and direct biofluid into the sensing area


Real-time readout system and smart algorithm turning nano-size biological information into actionable data for medical team


Proprietary scalable nanofabrication process that delivers high resolution sensing chips down to 2-10 nm size features (1).

1. Victor M. Serdio V. et al., Nanoscale, 2012,4, 7161-7167

Most of the other electrical sensing chips work at the microsize level and can't interact with single set of biomolecules.

Standard chip resolution

(~1 micrometer)

Mursla chip resolution

(~1 nanometer)

Where is Big Ben?

Quantum phenomena start being observable at that range which opens the door to new ways of characterizing small biomolecules.

Electron transport impacted by potential mutations versus wild-type

Change in tunneling, hopping or flickering resonance based on binding characteristics

Strong electrical field creating a "sink effect" to attract target biomolecule