Liquid Biopsy

Exosome-based Cancer Diagnostics

Exosomes are the future of early cancer detection

Snapshot of tumour biomarker cargo

  • Constantly shed by cancer cells

  • Protected from enzymatic destruction

  • Circulates in blood

Contain rare -omics information

  • Proteins

  • miRNA

  • Others

Influence the tumour microenvironment

  • Control tumour growth

  • Impact near-tumour microenvironment

Exosome-based Alzheimer Disease Diagnostics

Exosomes are the future of early AD detection

Able to cross the blood-brain-barrier

  • Brain-derived exosomes found in blood

Carry AD-related neuronal information

  • Amyloid betas

  • p-tau

  • Others

Distribute neuropathological components between neuronal cells


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