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Quantum biology diagnostics

Quantum biology

New way to characterize biomolecules in fluids by looking at quantum mechanics phenomena applied to them

Point-of-care diagnostics

User-friendly, miniaturized and automated system enabling diagnostics at the point-of-care

Cancer liquid biopsy

Cancer diagnostics through freely circulating biomolecules shed by solid tumours into bloodstream

Quantum biology

  • Proprietary nanofabrication process enables quantum biology analysis in biofluids

  • Highly specific and sensitive target detection is made possible

  • Rapid detection is provided by attracting target towards nanosensors

Electron transport

Tunnelling, hopping and flickering resonance

Electrical field attraction


Point-of-care diagnostics

  • Entire system is miniaturized into one square inch

  • No human operator and no infrastructure is required

  • Ability to get answers when the patient is still nearby


Tiny sensing area

Small ultra-sensitive readout


Cancer liquid biopsy

  • Tumours shed small parts of themselves into the bloodstream (known as specific "analytes")

  • They can be extracted from a blood sample

  • Most interesting analytes are captured to come up with valuable clinical insights on cancer status





Circulating tumour cells

Cell-free fragments of DNA

Byproducts of biological processes

Abundant cell vehicles




Our mission is to sense the nanoworld to improve the continuum of care

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