Tracing cancer in blood via exosomes.

Novel platform technology ExoPheno  enabling the discovery and validation of disease-specific exosome subpopulations in biofluids. 


Disease-specific exosome targets

Exosomes are the future of routine disease detection

They are circulating snapshots of all cellular activities:

  • Constantly secreted by all living cells

  • Protected from enzymatic destruction

  • Found in all biofluids, including blood

They contain rare molecular information (-omics):

  • Proteins

  • RNA

  • Others


Novel exosome liquid biopsy platform ExoPheno


​Exosome Discovery technology:

  • Method to isolate and sequence the cargo of exosome sub-populations by origin and disease considering two specific surface markers (or more) via proprietary tagging and release

Exosome Validation technology:

  • Method to trap and identify target exosomes in biofluid via quantum phenomena generated by proprietary nanogap electrodes

ExoPheno platform fixed.png